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Interior putty powder
Using imported raw materials and specially formulated products APOLLO Wall Putty - ALASKA - SV - Sealion - FASTKOTE ... production standards VN: 7239 - 2003 features high adhesion and good waterproofing is used to fill plaster cracks and make the surface smooth walls, ceilings.

Color: White - Grey
Ingredients: Cement, Carbonnate, Polymes ...
Lobe of the surface coverage :1,0-1, 3 m2/kg
Volume volume:
Setting time:
The water retention:
Compressive strength:
Water resistance:
Net weight: 40 kg

Walls must be processed before you spread, all surfaces must be clean and dry, no more than 16% moisture, dust, grease and other impurities.
The large crack on the wall surface should be filled carefully before execution.
If the old surface must be clean handle mold, moss or lime.
If the surface is too dry, a humidifier to water.
Mixing ratio is 1:3 or 1:3,5 equivalent to 14 - 40kg 16lit water to flour.
Should pour water slowly into flour to prevent clumping.
Using a hand mixer or stir it well to dissolve powder into a paste and mixed uniformly.
To a mixture of 6-9m for effective chemicals mixed together and then construction.
Steel trowel or knife spread a thin layer of plastic before. Wait for a dry, smooth with sandpaper briefly then continued two coats to get perfect flatness.
After 4-6 hours of use sandpaper to rub the flat small grain size.

Do not use flour mixed than 4 hours
Do not apply on the surface temperature of 40 ° C
Do not apply more than 3 mm thick plaster powder
Do not apply over painted surfaces.
Do not apply over wet surfaces.

To dry, avoid moisture area, from the reach of children.
Expire day: 12 months from date of manufacture.

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