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Sealion joint brick adhesive - a cement based product, is produced by new technology

Sealion joint brick adhesive - a cement based product, is produced by new technology, Sea Lion mixture product used to filling between paving bricks or plaster walls, brick cracks protection, make surface tiles more beautifull


- Composition: cement, calcium carbonate, polymers, additives .... CaCO3
- Increase the adhesive bonding between the bricks, erosion, no cracking.
- Powder mixed with water is used instant.
- In addition: powder dry, smooth (32 colors)
- Area covered: 0.2 - 0.3kg / m2.
- Net weight: 1kg/pack, 5kg/pack and 20k/barrel  
- Preservation: Do not stack more than 05 barrels, to dry, distant the walls and the ground at least 20cm.
- Expire day: 06 months


- Joint surfaces should be clean and scrub water for moisture prior to application.
- Dilute Sealion product with water 3:1 ratio, to the mixture and stir 5-10 minutes for the chemical composition of Acacia scrub the catalytic reaction join together and then stir again but not to exceed 120 minutes.
- Should be poured slowly into glue join scrub water to prevent clumping.
- Use a porous plate spread with glue flying to join tile scrub join.
- Clean the excess glue with foam rub join and tile polishing cloth.
- Should be cleaning the surface with a wet sponge is completely dry after join.
- Do not use acid or similar chemical to clean because they can change the color of the join.

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